10 Signs That You Are Very Stress

Stress is a disturbing feeling when we feel that everything seems not going into its proper  places.It is a feeling we get from the overloaded pressure we can’t cope up.Stress just simply disturbs our mental and physical balance. So, how would you know that you are under too much stress lately? Here are 10 signs to know one.

You’re Exhausted

According to Jane Pernotto Ehrman, M. Ed., a behavioral health specialist at Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, reports, “Stress is an energy-drainer, because it secretly sends all of your body systems into overdrive.” For example, even if you had a full night’s rest, you will still get trouble getting out of your bed. It is because your body feels like it is still working even when you’re already sleeping. Take away stress and your body will thank you for that.

1. You’re Exhausted