5 Fermented Food That Can Fight Anxiety

[tps_title] 5 Fermented Food that can Fight Anxiety [/tps_title]

When a person is diagnosed with anxiety, Psychologist usually first take into consideration to help the person by studying their mind activities.But today, it is not the only thing that they consider, it is also the holistic activity of the person it may physically, socially, or mentally,

A study made by William & Mary Psychology Professors Mr. Matthew Hilimire and Ms. Catherine Forestell in 2015 shows that there is a possible connection between gut and mind. It shows that the findings is also connecting it to the fermented foods that has probiotics which is a good bacteria in our digestive tract , that can also cure symptoms with regards to social anxiety.The foods containing probiotic might be the answer on our growing number of people suffering from social anxiety!

In the conducted experiment of the experts, it had revealed that individuals that have been tested shows reduction of anxiety and had already participated to the activity of group therapy.

Here are the fermented foods that contains probiotics which can reduced social  anxiety. ==>