5 ways to save money on car insurance

5 ways to save money on car insurance

Driving a car can be  costly. Gas, maintenance and of course Car insurance can be heavy expenses. Car insurance is usually the highest cost for car owners. You would be surprised how easy it can be to lower your car insurance payments. Check out 5 easy ways to save money on your car insurance

1.Lose unnecessary coverage. Comprehensive or collision coverage may not make financial sense for older vehicle.Take only the insurance that is absolutely necessary for you to maintain the car.  Also you may want to think to sale your car if the cost to insure it exceeds it’s value or close to it.

2.Maintain a clean driving record. We all know that accidents& tickets will increase your premiums.  So be a safe driver for yourself and your family and it will also help keep your car insurance premiums low.

3.Ask about other discounts. ask your  insurer,specifically about  discounts you may qualify for: low-mileage driving, the installation of car alarms or the successful completion of defensive-driving courses. Be assertive and get every discount you can get.You are worth a lot of money to the car insurer and they will be willing to give you a lot to sign with them.

4.Clean up your credit report. Insurance companies use your credit score, in part, to determine your premium. Manage your money well and you are more likely to save on car insurance premiums.

5. Shop around.Do a little comparison shopping by getting two or three quotes from multiple sources. You can get multiple quotes from different providers==>

Saving money on your car insurance can reduce your monthly expenses significantly so make the effort to lower your payments today. Best of luck!