6 Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Who doesn’t like to start their day with a good cup of coffee? It’s a must for many people around the world. Studies about coffee show many benefits of drinking it, some even include lowering your risk to catch certain diseases considerably.

We gathered 6 benefits of drinking coffee so you can feel good about drinking so much of it (:

1.Improves Energy Levels

Dahhhhh! we all know that but why is that?

When you drink a cup of coffee, caffeine is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. It then travels to your brain where it blocks Adenosine, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This increases the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, causing greater neuronal activity in the brain and in turn improving mood, energy levels, and alertness.

Studies have shown that drinking coffee leads to enhanced alertness, better energy levels and reaction times, and improved memory!