Car Insurance Tricks That Will Save you Big Bucks $

Warning: Do Not Pay Your Next Car Insurance Bill Until You Read This…

Ok let’s jump right into it, if you are currently insured, drive less than 50 miles/day and live in a qualified zip code you can receive some huge discounts. Also, if you have no DUI’s on your record, you may qualify for some of the biggest discounts of all. But do you think your car insurance company will tell you that?

Because there are so many insurance options, a lot of the time agents will not share all options with their clients, including those which may cost the least. The higher your premium, the more your agent makes.

As competition in the online space grows insurance companies are willing to give out huge discounts just to get you to take their policies,it is a buyer’s market no doubt about it. And it’s so easy to get a FREE quote.

Let’s run an experiment, go to-

  1. Enter Your Zip
  2. Your Car info.

Get at least 3 different free quotes  which will most likely be 20%-45% cheaper than your current quote which can sum up to about $450 a year!

The best advice we can give you about your car insurance is COMPARE! pretty simple. So say you got 3 different quotes , check out at least 2 and take the better offer obviously.

Also when shopping online for insurance make sure your information is secured by looking at the website address and make sure it starts with https:// which means the information transferred is secure and private.

Finally, please remember that the best price isn’t always the lowest price, it might be better to take a slightly more expensive policy but one that covers all your needs. as the old saying goes,better safe than sorry….

Check out  and start saving $ on your car insurances.