How to make mean green juice/ mean green juice recipe

How to make mean green juice-the mean green juice recipe!

Green juices are no doubt the healthiest juices and they have become very popular in recent years. The mean green juice contains most of the nutrients and vitamins and it is instantly makes you feel better. For the preparation of this kind of juice there should be around 60 % of dark green leafy vegetables and around 40 % of various other vegetables or fruits. One should consume it approximately 16 to 20 ounce of it per day. If you are planning to make it in bulk for a whole day then always keep the remaining juice in a container which should be tightly sealed and should be kept in a refrigerator. The green juices are also associated with  weight lose and detoxification of the body. Check out some mean green juice recipes to try yourself:

Mean Green Juice Recipe # 1

Apples – 2 (keep the skin of it but remove it pips and cut them in to wedges)
Pear – 1 (keep its skin and remove its pips and cut them in to wedges)
Kiwi – 1 (keep its skin and cut them in to wedges)
Grapes – a handful (remove the stalks)
Celery stick – 1/2
Spinach leaves – 3
Broccoli floret – 1
Cucumber – 1/4
Parsley – 1/2 handfuls
Mint – 1/2 handfuls

Mean Green Juice Recipe # 2

Spinach – a handful
Stalks of kale – 3
Golden delicious apples – 2
Parsley – small handful of it
Lemon – 1
Cucumber – 1

Mean Green Juice Recipe # 3

Pear – 1/2
Green apple – 1/2
Spinach – a handful
Parsley – a handful
Celery stalks – 2
Cucumber – 1/2
Ginger – 1 (small)
Papaya – a slice

Mean Green Juice Recipe # 4

Celery – 2 stalks
Cucumber – 1/2
Apple – 1/2
Lemon – 1/2
Ginger – 1 (small)
Green chard leaf – 1/2
Cilantro – a small bunch
Spinach – a handful


Wash all the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before making juice.
If possible buy organic fruits and vegetables.
Peel the lemon rind or slice it by leaving some white pith.
To make juice out of cilantro and parsley always roll them in to shape of a ball in order to compact the leaves.

To your health!

mean green juice recipe

mean green juice recipe