I Wish I Did These On My 20s

Being on 20s is surely the time of your life. This is the time where you can be young, would and free. You have all the freedom to do whatever you like. It may be doing what you dream of, working for your responsibilities, or simply live the life away from responsibilities. It is your choice. However, most of the people who turned on their 30s seems to realized that there are so much things they have not done yet.

So here are the 10 things you need to do on your 20s.

Travel To A Foreign Country

People realized that they did not travel much when they were 20s. They have the time and the freedom but they don’t have the finances to do so. But now, they have the finances but they did no have much time. Don’t wait until you can no longer travel because of time availability. Find ways to earn money and travel as much as you can as long as you are still capable.

1. Travel To A Foreign Country