Read This Before Ever Using Public Wifi Again 😱

If you use public free WIFI your Device is at Risk!

Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere-Coffee shops, airports, office buildings – you name it, they’ve got it. While it is a great tool for quick and easy internet access (and save some $$$) there are also many security risks associated with free public free you should be aware of.

1)Unencrypted networks

When you sign into a free wifi network all the information that you are transferring is also potentially being shared with the whole network! It is very easy for the most common hacker to steal your email user name and password your online banking details, pictures, videos and any other personal information you use on your computer.

2)Malware distribution

Hackers can exploit software weaknesses by writing a code to target a specific vulnerabilities of software you have on your computer. The inject malware into your software and from there the damage potential is very big.

3)Malicious hotspots

Some hackers can create hotspots that seem legitimate (like starbucks 123) but in reality they are malicious and once you login to one of these networks the hacker will have access into sensitive information on your computer.

But here are the good news!

Luckily there is an easy way to protect yourself and your data while using the web and on a public WI-Fi network –What is it? VPN.

VPN stands for virtual private network which allows you to surf the internet as if it were your own private network. It works by giving you your own private network on the internet something like a private email box. When you’re using a VPN your computer will be assigned a unique IP addresses. This way you will get a high secured internet connection allowing you to surf the net in a secure manner.

Using a VPN protects  your personal data from being accessed by hackers and makes you anonymous on the internet. Plus, your device will be protected from phishing, malware and spam. Which means you can use any WI-Fi network without worrying about these security issues.

Another side benefit of a VPN is the fact you can use it to surf the web from you PC/MAC/Phone/Tablet from many different locations worldwide. So for example if you want to watch netflix series/movie and you are outside the U.S you can login to your VPN as a U.S user, pretty cool right?

One of the best VPN’s out there is NordVpn (Cool name!). Their VPN protects your device and offer you 190 servers all around the world, making them the largest VPN sevice in the world.Plus you can try it risk FREE for 14 Days if you follow this link==>

If you want to protect your personal data when using a public free WIFI network, we strongly advise using a VPN like NordVpn. Stay safe!