The Things People Will Do For You for $5…

I don’t know about you but I hate shopping for gifts. It just feels that whatever you get either the person you are getting it for already has it, will not use it, or it will go obsolete in no time.So what do you do when you have to or in some cases want to (: buy someone a unique gift?

They say it is better to spend your money on experiences rather than material stuff. Because an experience will last a lifetime and a product you buy will only last for so long. So if you have the money it is better to go onĀ  vacation rather than buy an iphone for example.

Now I assume you are not buying too many vacations as a gift, but if you want to get someone a unique and memorable gift or get cool gift ideas, you must check out Fiverr!

Fiverr is the world largest market For services at $5, people will perform different tasks and create different products for you for only $5.

Here are some of the Best WEIRD GigsĀ  you will see on fiverr: (click next)