Never Lose a Thing Again…..

It’s 7:30 in the morning, your’e already running late and you need to drop the kids off at school, your’e rushing out the door reaching  your hand to your pocket and…… No keys! You check your other pockets,your bag, go back to the house and start scanning all the possible locations where you may have left your keys, meanwhile the kids are fighting again, your phone is ringing and you’re going crazy over those stupid keys! What a great start for the day.

People have been losing stuff since the dawn of time, some people are more inclined to lose things than others but it happens to all of us and it’s a huge time and energy waster trying to find lost items. We lose our keys, our wallets,phones,dogs and even our children!

Luckily technology is helping us solve that problem with a new cool innovation called TrackR Bravo.

track chip

TrackR Bravo is a coin-sized chip you can attache to any item – and with the TrackR app on your phone you can locate that item in seconds. TrackR Quickly rings missing items around the home and notifies you before leaving things behind.

TrackR Bravo also has the ability to track items that aren’t within Bluetooth range of your phone. This is possible through TrackR’s clever “Crowd GPS” feature, which essentially allows the device to sniff out other TrackR users nearby and piggyback on their internet connections to send you the location of your item.

But wait a minute, this sounds nice and all but what if I lost my phone? NO Problem!  Just Press the button on your TrackR device to ring your missing phone, Even on Silent Mode!

Some people even use TrackR to track living things i.e pets,children, cheating husbands/wives (:

Watch this short video and see how it works for yourself!

Locate Anything in Seconds Using Your Smartphone!

If you sick and tired of losing your Phone,Remote control , dog, bike, wallet, and pretty much anything  you are worried about losing, grab your TrackR today!


TrackR offers a special offer buy 2 Get 1 Free.