New Controversial Military Flashlight Now Available to The Public

There is a lot of buzz lately about a new military flashlight which sold millions of units within a few months only. So why are people are going crazy over this flashlight?

Well what a lot of people seem to like about this flashlight is that beside it’s powerful light and most basic purpose (to help you find your way in the dark or expose threats), it also been agreed upon by many policemen, firemen, self-defense instructors and security guards that this flashlight is a powerful safety tool. One well known Navy Seal says it’s the #1 Tool everyone should own as it could be a lifesaver during a natural disaster –literally!

Let’s be honest though, most people underestimate the importance of owning a great flashlight for their home, car or boat.

Ask any fireman, police officer, military man, survivalist or hunter and they’ll tell you how critical it is for them to have a flashlight at their disposal at all times. And for them, not just any flashlight will do.

Those clunky plastic halogen flashlights that require C or D batteries are practically worthless – they’re just too heavy, too dim, and too easily broken.

The X700 LED Flashlight is made out of nearly indestructible Machined Aircraft Aluminum, the X700 runs on 3 AAA batteries and is able to light the way to safety with 700 blinding lumens of light. It also houses a super cool ZOOM feature (demonstrated here), an “SOS mode” to signal for help, as well as a “strobe mode” that produces a pulsating frequency to disorient a threat within milliseconds. Look at this picture to see how it lights in complete darkness.

The x700 can assist you and even save your life:

1.In case of a burglary this flashlight can blind the burglar temporarily .

2.While camping out it can save you from wild animals and falling into terrain faults.

3. During natural disasters, one of the most valuable resources is something as simple as light.

4. When attacked you can use the x700 Flashlight as a weapon.

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Be good, stay safe.