5 Reasons For A Slow Metabolism

Do you easily get fat or get thin? That is something to do with your metabolism. How often do you here someone saying I don’t get fat because I have fast metabolism or I get fat easy because of my so slow metabolism. But how could we really understand how metabolism works? Well, metabolism is the one responsible to burn fat instead of storing it. It is a process by which we get energy from it which we¬†basically needed to be kept alive.

Here are 5 reasons why someone has a slow metabolism or a metabolism which is not functioning well.

The Food We Eat

First and foremost, you need to be keen on what food do you eat. Practically, the food is the source of energy of our body. However, many of us seems to become overly protective diet fads just to lose extra pounds. We tend to cut what we eat without even thinking that some of the food we deprived ourselves are necessary in keeping our body keep going. Lesson? Do your research before dieting.

1.The Food We Eat