Stay at Amazing Places for Amazing Prices

Stay at Amazing Places for Amazing Prices

Going on vacation is always fun. But finding a place to stay is always a daunting task. You want to stay at a nice hotels in the center of things or close to it, but that usually comes with a high price tag.Luckily there is now a great alternative and it’s called . If you haven’t heard of airbnb, than let me fill you in.

Airbnb is a social website that connects people with a space to spare with people who are looking for a place to stay. Guest and host build real connections and relationships with real people from all over the globe.It’s a win win situation, hosts can earn extra cash for renting out their extra space, and guests can stay at top locations at a minimal costs.

How does it work?

Airbnb has a super friendly user interface and Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries. You star by selecting your destination, dates and number of guests. After you are presented with search results of potential hosts. Each host is reviewed by past guests and that is the best way to know if it is a good host to book a room with.Each host also have contact information where you can contact him/her and ask more questions if you have any.Most hosts also have a frequently asked questions section.

Also, if you have a room to rent you can also sign up as a host with airbnb and earn extra money when someone comes to stay at it.Great concept, don’t you think?

For my last vacation in New York City I got to stay in an apartment in Times Square I got at airbnb for $70/night where hotel prices in that area usually start from $150/night. That is great savings!

So for your next vacation make sure to check out some of Airbnb amazing deals.

Enjoy your vacation!