Food for Thought-5 Foods Boost Your Brain

Food for Thought-5 Foods Boost Your Brain

Eating well is not only important for your physical well being, but also for your mental well being. Our brain is the most “needy” part of our body and we need to treat it well. So we gathered 5 brain foods to boost your brain performance. (And we also have a list of 5 foods you should stop eating in this articlce)

  1. Blueberries– Research by Tufts University suggests the eating bluberrisĀ  may reduce memory loss and revers loss of coordination .
  2. pumpkin seeds– Get your daily amount of Zinc from pumpkin seeds.Zinc is known for improving memory and thinking skills.
  3. Wholegrains– Sure you can get glucose from chocolate cheap muffin too but eating foods with low glycemic index is keeping you sharp and alert longer, as the glucose enters slowly and moderately into your blood stream and the brain.
  4. Fish- Omega 3fatty acids can improve brain health and memory according to experts.
  5. Walnuts– Research shown that walnuts helped to improve learning, memory and motor coordination. Also the high amount of antioxidants in nuts helps reduce free radicals in our bodies.

Are these foods a part of your meals? If not maybe you should start adding them.

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To your health!