How to Get Free Kindle Books

 How to Get Free Kindle Book-Quick Guide

The first thing most people do when they get a Kindle for the first time is to try and load the device with as many books as they can. With all that space that Kindle has, you will want to fill it up with your favorite books as soon as possible so you can read them whenever and wherever you want to- That is after all why they made Kindle to begin with. This is where problems begin. Books cost money and if you are a voracious reader with appetites that include old classics like Homer or War and Peace, getting to this year’s booker prize nominees might cost you a lot of money. Luckily, the internet has little pockets of information about sites that allow you to download books for free. To ensure that customers stay on Amazon, the Kindle Store has two sections of free to download books. One section is for popular classics where you will find Homer and the other rotates books that are available for free on a limited offer basis.

Some people find Amazon’s offering limited and will go outside for other sources that have an extensive collection these include Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Librivox, Fictionwise and others. The following lists the popular sites that are the popular sites on How to Get Free Kindle books:

1. Project Gutenberg

Most of the classics can be found on Gutenberg and as long as they have been in print for over a 100 years, or the publisher has ceded certain rights, then anyone can download digital books for free. There are over 33,000 titles available in different formats.

2. Google E-Bookstore

Google has a free book section of scanned copies of books that can be downloaded in Kindle-Friendly formats.

3. Open Library

This internet resource has over 20 million items contributed by users in different editions and formats.


This internet e-book resource has 30,000 titles, most of which have been taken from project Gutenberg. There is a nice collection of impressive Creative Commons work that can be found on this site.

5. LibriVox:

When Kindle first came out, the fact that audiobooks could be downloaded and so it is good to know that there is a site that caters for audiobooks.

Hope this was helpful, now go grab your free Kindle Books!