How to Hypnotize People

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Hypnotize People

Some people don’t believe that you can actually hypnotize someone. But, the truth is, hypnosis is real, and it’s a fairly simple procedure that you can apply to anyone to help them fall into a state of trance, naturally. Here’s how to hypnotize people:

1. Begin by having the person sit facing you directly.

2. Instruct him to place his hands on your palm, so that your palms touch each other.

3. Next, tell him to look directly into your eyes, and as he does so, tell him that you’re going to start counting downwards from 3 to 1.

4. Instruct the person to push down on your palms harder as you count. At this point, remove your hands and put them over his eyes, moving downwards slowly, and softly as if you’re pulling a window blind downwards.

5. Place your hands to their former position, underneath the person’s palms, and once more, instruct him to press your palms hard with his.

6. As he does so, tell him that it’s very late, he’s feeling very tired , drowsy, his eyes feel like closing, and he feels like going to bed. Repeat this several times till the palm of his hands starts loosening.

7. Then, tell him to press down harder, and that he’s now going to sleep. When you say the word sleep, pull your hands away from his, and allow him to fall into a natural state of hypnosis. When you follow the above steps correctly, it should hypnotize him.

To wake him up, follow the same steps above in reverse, counting from 1 up to 3, and he will wake up naturally. Hypnosis is easy, and can be done with almost anyone. It’s a very basic, yet efficient way to help people into a state of trance, in a natural way. However, note that those who don’t believe in hypnosis can make very bad subjects. There are also those who are not easy to hypnotize naturally. Even so, a majority of people will find the experience beneficial and interesting .

Hypnosis isn’t harmful, but that doesn’t mean that you can do it on anyone secretly. Therefore, always ensure that you seek the permission of the person you want to hypnotize. If he agrees, go ahead and hypnotize him, but if he doesn’t, don’t force him. The process is relaxing and helpful to many people, so you can be sure that you’ll get a willing subject. Take time, and fully understand the above technique on how to hypnotize people before you start practicing it on your friend.

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