How To Write A Song

How To Write A Song

It doesn’t matter if you are a qualified musician or not, sitting down to write a song is a difficult task. So here we will give you a process on how to go about it.

The first thing to ponder on is getingt inspiration. Though, it may be difficult to achieve, but every great song starts with some good ole inspiration. You will have to start with a meaningful or catchy lyric that cannot be divulged out of your head. It can be a melodic hook or haunting emotion that you can’t stop lingering on. You can get something simple, pure and interesting to ponder on.

The next line of action is to play with your strategy or idea. In case you are playing an instrument, ensure to jam around the melody. You can also find a chord progression that suits the lyric. In case you have a groove or beat in mind, allow other people to play it. Someone can handle this aspect for you while the riffing goes over and over the background. You can also explore the reality in a free style mode. This should be done until you have actualize a greater prospect as required.

Go ahead to record your initial progress. At this point, great ideas will begin to flow. In case you have something to keep, it is better to write or record down through your tape device.   You can now go ahead to expand on the things that have been written down. Now  you can start developing your ideas. In case you have a verse or chorus, it is important to think of an intro for your song. This will bring the beauty of your song perfectly.

Get your own process together and start writing, don’t forget us when you are rich and famous!